soundsCreative Sound Piece, Sketch

Piece of Musique Concrete made for Creative Sound Design at university. All sounds recorded around the house and then put together in Logic. Reverbed, reversed, pitched, and panned

Landance – Dorchester

soundsCreative Sound Piece, Performance

A short clip of the Market Scene of the recent Landance performance I was involved in. I was assisting Camilla Cancantata with creating the sonic environment for the dancers to explore the space of the old market area.

Landance commissions dance, visual, sound and light artists to collaborate on outdoor performance projects in the South West. They collaborate with local participants to create engaging and emotionally stimulating promenade performances.

“Outstanding dance in exceptional places.”

For this project, Camilla and I spent some time recording sounds in and around the market itself, from general crowd sounds to percussive hits of the pillars in the space, and used these recorded sounds to produce a rhythmic and atmospheric sonic experience that took lead from the improvised dance taking place before us.